DON’T LOOK DOWN will be published by Thomas & Mercer on February 11, 2020

From the Amazon Charts bestselling author of One Small Sacrifice, a gripping mystery about a sinister murder that everyone wants to stay buried—except one dogged NYPD detective.

Jo Greaver is a model of success. Young and ambitious, she’s built a thriving beauty business from nothing. But she has secrets she’ll do anything to keep buried. When her blackmailer offers to meet, Jo expects to pay him off—but gets a bullet instead. Bleeding and in shock, Jo flees with no one to turn to.

When NYPD detective Sheryn Sterling and her partner, Rafael Mendoza, find Andray Baxter murdered in his own home—shot through the heart—everything points to Jo as the killer. Her blood is at the scene, and so are disturbing photos of her taken as a young teen. But Sheryn has doubts. Was the kindhearted Andray really a criminal? Why did he repeatedly report finding spyware in his apartment? Was there something shady about Jo’s sister dying a year earlier?

Something’s not right, and it’s up to Sheryn to piece together the sinister puzzle, no matter the cost.

DON’T LOOK DOWN (hardcover ISBN: 978-1542092036) will be published on February 11, 2020, by Thomas & Mercer. It is available for pre-order from Amazon, Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters/Indigo.

Reviews of DON’T LOOK DOWN:

Kirkus Reviews: “A blackmail plot produces complications upon complications in a story of sex trafficking, class wars, and stolen identities... such a satisfying page-turner.”

DON’T LOOK DOWN is the second book in the Shadows of New York series. Praise for the first book:

Library Journal (Starred Review): “Fans of Karin Slaughter, Tana French, and Lisa Gardner will devour this new police procedural, which boasts a strong female detective and an intriguing antagonist. Sheryn [Sterling] will draw in readers, and Davidson’s complex storytelling will keep them wanting more.”

Associated Press: “The story line veers between alternate points of view with Traynor and Sterling, and their perspectives on the same information provide different results. Writing the novel in this fashion amps up the suspense while also giving the narrative a complex and compelling flair. In addition, Davidson does an admirable job of making a complicated issue such as PTSD relatable.”

Kirkus Reviews: “A thoughtfully plotted and skillfully characterized procedural mystery… it’s easy to get drawn deeply into the various motives and secrets of each character because it’s so perfectly human for all of us to keep things hidden, even from those we love.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Told from multiple points of view, Davidson has crafted a compelling police procedural.”

New York Journal of Books: “From the very first page, as Alex hears what he thinks is a gunshot on a busy New York street, the stage is set to show what he perceives as opposed to what is actually happening... The descriptions of how an ordinary sound or action can be misinterpreted by someone with PTSD is vividly portrayed, as well as the self-doubt and self-recriminations the victim suffers.”

The Seattle Review of Books: “Davidson’s stealthily plotted, rapidly deployed, multi-stranded mystery encompasses the most intimate of brutalities – including domestic abuse and post-battlefield PTSD, a solid handful of dodgy characters, and, in the most humane of touches, a dog named Sid.”

Authorlink: “One Small Sacrifice is a complex and engaging psychological thriller with fully realized characters. The plot throws light on the darker areas of human nature, of the fallibility of memory, and leaves the reader guessing until the very end.”

Long & Short Reviews:One Small Sacrifice is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a long time... Excellent mystery that I’d highly recommend to anyone who loves a roller coaster ride of a novel.”

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Photographs: Photos of Hilary Davidson by Anna Ty Bergman; cover of Don’t Look Down courtesy of Thomas & Mercer.


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