Hilary Davidson’s The Next One to Fall takes place three months after the events of her debut novel, the Anthony Award–winning The Damage Done.

Travel writer Lily Moore has been persuaded by her closest friend, photographer Jesse Robb, to visit Peru with him. Jesse is convinced that the trip will lure Lily out of her dark mood, but Lily is haunted by betrayal and loss. At Machu Picchu, the famous Lost City of the Incas, they discover a woman clinging to life at the bottom of an ancient stone staircase. Just before the woman dies, she tells Lily the name of the man who pushed her.

When the local police investigate, the forensic evidence they find doesn’t match what Lily knows. Unable to accept the official ruling of accidental death, Lily hunts down the wealthy man who was the dead woman’s traveling companion and discovers a pattern of dead and missing women in his wake.

Obsessed with getting justice for these women, Lily sets in motion a violent chain of events that will have devastating consequences.


Publishers Weekly: “Davidson’s exciting follow-up to her debut, 2010’s The Damage Done, takes travel journalist Lily Moore, who’s still reeling from her sister’s death in The Damage Done, to Peru... The rich history and geography of Peru add depth to an engrossing mystery that constantly keeps the reader guessing.” — December 12, 2011

Library Journal: “Davidson's follow-up to her Anthony Award-winning debut (The Damage Done) will leave you breathless, and not just because of the Andes’ high altitude. Her determined young travel writer propels the exciting plot like a rocket. Think Jamie Freveletti’s thrillers (Running From the Devil) for no-holds-barred action and the single-mindedness of the protagonist.” — February 1, 2012

Kirkus Reviews: “An attempt to overcome grief with a trip to fascinating Machu Picchu leads to even more wild intrigue... Lily’s feelings for her sister ring painfully true, and Davidson’s rendering of Machu Picchu and Cusco would merit a pisco sour toast even from the great Jan Morris.” — January 1, 2012

Booklist: “Adrenaline surges at the end, and mutually supportive Lily and Jesse, both of whom lost both parents to murder and suicide when in their teens, are damaged but appealing characters.” — Michele Leber, January 12, 2012

Los Angeles Review of Books: “With only two novels to her name, Hilary Davidson has already achieved a remarkable fusion of mainstream mystery appeal with a dark streak a mile wide. Her voice is a fresh and welcome addition to the noir landscape. Based on the deep emotional resonance of The Next One to Fall, we can expect many more bleakly elegant pages from Davidson in the future.” — Cullen Gallagher, March 31, 2012

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “In "The Next One to Fall," [Davidson] continues the perceptive look at characters as well as picturesque settings that she displayed last year in "The Damage Done," her Anthony Award-winning debut. As a travel journalist, [Lily Moore]'s job takes her to exotic places. But Davidson keeps the focus on the mystery plot while carefully using the setting as a backdrop that allows Lily to discover aspects of herself... Davidson is a rising star in the mystery genre.” — Oline Cogdill, May 20, 2012

The Globe & Mail: “After her exciting debut in The Damage Done, it’s good to see that Canadian Hilary Davidson has upped the ante in her second novel. This is a solid cozy with a good, tight plot, and the setting and characterization take it to the next level.” — Margaret Cannon, April 6, 2012

MysteryPeople: “Davidson is a master at character. She skillfully ties the plot to having Lily confront what she’s running from. It’s exciting to watch her find her inner strength in her darkest moments. She understands that pace is more than moving through plot points and twists as fast as you can. She allows her characters to breath, such as in a wonderful passage where Jesse discusses his homosexuality and Christian faith. It’s Davidson’s play between light and dark that make her books so fresh and prove that she is an author to keep watching and reading.” — Scott Montgomery, February 1, 2012 (The Next One to Fall is MysteryPeople’s Pick of the Month for February)

Crimespree Magazine: “Lily and Jesse suffered hardships and still have open wounds that can be easily re-opened. But their core strengths still guide them day to day. Jesse still exudes wit and charm; Lily is still thoughtful and introspective. And the relationship between the two is still shaping up to be one of the greatest in crime fiction.” — Jen Forbus, January/February 2012 (review also published on Jen’s Book Thoughts)

Criminal Element: “In The Next One to Fall, Davidson doesn’t just tell you of her heroine’s sorrow—she gives it substance, form, and volition, taking full advantage of its presence in a way I’ve not quite seen before. It’s effective, unique, and thoroughly compelling, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what else Ms. Davidson has up her literary sleeve.” — Katrina Niidas Holm, February 11, 2012

Ransom Notes (Barnes & Noble Mystery Blog): “If you know Hilary, you know that nothing is gonna be quite what it first appears. That's what I like about Davidson, her gifts for setting and character and narrative ultimately serve her mastery of manipulation. She has spooky insight into her readers' expectations — by page, by scene, by book — and an uncanny knack for dodging and subverting them only to meet and exceed them at the moment of her choosing.” — Jedidiah Ayres, February 13, 2012

Savannah Morning Herald: “Davidson makes the locale a character unto itself, and does so in a way that balances both the beauty and the danger that await foreigners who travel to such an exotic location. Similarly, Davidson’s handling of the grief haunting Lily is nothing short of masterful... Davidson allows Lily to use that grief to propel her in a positive way, taking its energy and turning it outward into a productive, rather than destructive, force. It’s an amazing transformation, one which is a genuine pleasure to watch unfold over the course of events. The supporting cast members are no less psychologically complex, with Davidson deftly pacing the twists and reveals to build maximum suspense and mystery. — Elizabeth A. White, February 14, 2012 (review also published on Book Reviews by Elizabeth A. White)

Lesa’s Book Critiques: “Hilary Davidson follows her award-winning mystery, The Damage Done, with a story that turns her character inside out, changing her from a vulnerable, lonely woman to a defiant one fighting for justice. The Next One to Fall moves travel writer Lily Moore, and the reader, out of the shadows of her life... Read this book for the mystery, and the exotic setting of Peru. But, the character of Lily Moore is the best reason to read The Next One to Fall.” — Lesa Holstine, February 14, 2012

Surrey Now: “The setting for this story couldn't be more perfect: exotic, compelling and mysterious, and very well described by Davidson, a professional travel writer herself. The mark of a talented writer is when the reader is transported to another world where the characters seem like real people, ones you care and worry about. And The Next One to Fall shows Davidson has talent in spades as both the people and place come alive in this book.” — Carolyn Cooke, February 16, 2012

Journal Sentinel: “Hilary Davidson's absorbing mystery, "The Next One to Fall" takes you far from the claustrophobia of a courtroom to the stunning sacred vistas of Peru. Amateur detective and savvy travel writer Lily Moore is grieving from losses she suffered in Davidson's Anthony-Award-winning debut, "The Damage Done"... The fictional world of amateur detectives can be a hard-boiled place, but Davidson's tight plotting, her brisk pace and her appealing main characters traverse the territory well.” — Carole E. Barrowman, February 18, 2012

Jenn’s Bookshelves: “Davidson’s own experience as a travel writer shines through in her beautifully detailed writing... As with her previous book, The Next One to Fall is an incredibly exciting, pulse-pounding book,  led by an incredibly strong and unrelenting female character. The grief Lily experiences is fuel for the passion she has in seeking justice for the victims of this dangerous man.  Full of unexpected twists and turns, ending with the reader hoping (and expecting) more, this is a novel and an author you can’t afford to miss out on. Highly recommended!” — February 28, 2012

Spinetingler Magazine: “Hilary Davidson has proven once again she can write a great novel, worthy of all the recognition and praise she received the first time around. The Next One To Fall is a suspenseful and intriguing, page-turning mystery, atmospheric and Agatha Christie taut, that barely slows down enough to let you catch your breath. Highly recommended.” — Julia Madeleine, April 13, 2012

The Maine Suspect: “The Next One to Fall is the sequel to author Hilary Davidson’s stellar debut, The Damage Done, and it’s quite simply a fantastic read.  Equal parts action-adventure thriller and classic paranoia tale (with a touch of Peruvian travelogue thrown in for good measure), Davidson’s latest is an intelligent, atmospheric, heart-stopping tour-de-force, guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.  The prose is graceful, the pace is electric, and the mystery will keep you guessing until the very end.” — Katrina Niidas Holm, January 28, 2012

Mystery Scene: “I have never been to Peru nor have I tasted coca tea. But I had just read Anthony Award winner Hilary Davidson's The Next One to Fall, which is so wonderfully steeped in the scenery of Peru that I could picture the country as if I had been there. Davidson shows the reader Peru's geography, its politics, its violence and its people in ways that most travel articles do not.” — Oline Cogdill, January 29, 2012

S. Krishna’s Books: “In this thrilling sequel to The Damage Done, author Hilary Davidson continues Lily’s adventures, this time set in Peru. The setting is described in vivid detail; readers will love watching the country and its history come alive around them.” — Swapna Krishna, October 10, 2013

Suspense Magazine: “With ‘The Next One to Fall’ Hilary Davidson takes her readers on a rollercoaster ride from one thrilling situation to the next. She deftly writes a story that will have you thinking you’ve got it all figured out only to throw you off into another direction until her final reveal. Davidson is definitely a writer to watch.” — Jodi Ann Hanson

Quill & Quire: “Like her creator, Toronto-born Hilary Davidson, Lily is a travel writer, and that background pays off in Davidson’s sophomore thriller. The details and local flavour Davidson provides rarely overwhelm the story, but offer readers glimpses into the urban rivalry between Cusco and Lima, snapshots of hawkers selling knock-off wares, and an evocation of Machu Picchu that is full of awe, grandeur, and mystery... It takes a certain kind of determination and grit to be an amateur sleuth, and Lily Moore has both to spare.” — Chadwick Ginther


“Lily Moore is one of the most appealing ‘amateur’ sleuths I’ve encountered in years. The vivid sense of place — Peru, in this case — is everything one would expect from a seasoned travel journalist like Hilary Davidson, the story is deliciously twisty, the characters engaging. I know I can’t be the only reader looking forward to more Moore.” — Laura Lippman, author of I’D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE

“An atmospheric mystery with an ending that packs a punch. Lily Moore is a passionate and tenacious heroine.” — Meg Gardiner, author of THE NIGHTMARE THIEF

“With THE NEXT ONE TO FALL, Hilary Davidson knocks it out of the park. Driven by her grief and guilt, Lily Moore seeks relief and distraction in an exotic locale. What she gets instead is a mysterious redhead, Machu Picchu, and murder. If this book doesn’t get your motor running, have someone check you for a pulse.” — Reed Farrel Coleman, three-time Shamus Award-winning author of HURT MACHINE


THE NEXT ONE TO FALL (ISBN 978-0765326980) was published in the US and Canada on February 14, 2012. It is available from your favorite independent bookstore, as well as from Macmillan, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, iBookstore, IndieBound, Powell’s and — in Canada — Indigo/Chapters.

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Photographs: Photos of Hilary Davidson in Peru, no credit; cover of The Next One to Fall, courtesy of Forge.

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