Mystery Scene Magazine: “Hilary Davidson has become quite well known for her traditionally published novels, but she got her start in online and small press publications devoted to short crime fiction. Now Davidson has collected nine of them in The Black Widow Club: Nine Tales of Obsession and Murder. The title story is from Needle, and it asks if murder can be a family tradition. It’s hard to pick a favorite here, but I really like the idea of a dead man trying to solve his own murder in ‘Undying Love.’” — Bill Crider, issue #132

Jenn’s Bookshelves: “A long-time fan of Davidson’s writing and chomping at the bit for more? New to Davidson’s writing and not ready to take the leap in starting a new series? Download The Black Widow Club. I guarantee you will not regret it.  My only recommendation is that you read with the lights turned on.” — Jenn Lawrence, August 2013

Dead End Follies: “Sinners rejoice, Hilary Davidson's short stories greatest hits are now available in one collection, thanks to the queen of suspense's unwarranted kindness to us plebeians, and it is nothing but an absolute pleasure.” — Benoit Lelievre, September 16, 2013

Reading Between the Lines: “Hilary Davidson (The Damage Done) has launched a short story collection that takes readers into dark recesses of the human experience. These nine, compact stories of mystery and suspense are infused with unexpected irony and a chilling sense of the macabre.” — Kathleen Gerard, August 25, 2013

Czuk It: “What sets these stories apart for me is the delicious sense of humor that comes out in the plots, dilemmas, and results for the characters. This woman has a marvelous wicked streak in her.” — Bookczuk, August 15, 2013

THE BLACK WIDOW CLUB (ISBN 978-0989726337) is available internationally from:

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REVIEWS OF ONE SMALL SACRIFICE (Book #1 in the Shadows of New York series)

REVIEWS OF DON’T LOOK DOWN (Book #2 in the Shadows of New York series)

REVIEWS OF THE DAMAGE DONE (Book #1 in the Lily Moore series)

REVIEWS OF THE NEXT ONE TO FALL (Book #2 in the Lily Moore series)

REVIEWS OF EVIL IN ALL ITS DISGUISES (Book #3 in the Lily Moore series)

REVIEWS OF BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS (Non-series standalone)

REVIEWS OF THE BLACK WIDOW CLUB (Short story collection)

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