A Grifter’s Song Series #28

Using the confidential list they pilfered from Aaron Sears, Sam and Rachel delve into the world of artifact sales. Rachel poses as a museum curator while Sam takes on the role of rogue archaeologist. Their first marks are Robert and Evie Malvern, a wealthy couple who are known to quietly collect ancient artifacts via illicit means. But the grift hits a snag immediately when Robert Malvern turns the tables on them at gunpoint. The threat of death or prison is very real but he offers them a way out: if Rachel will pose as his missing wife for the next few days, he will call it even.

It doesn’t seem like a difficult assignment but quickly becomes a disturbing one. Evidence mounts that Evie Malvern isn't missing but murdered. Meanwhile, Sam goes to great lengths to do what he can to protect Rachel, discovering along the way that the Malverns have gotten themselves into trouble with some vengeful criminals. Both he and Rachel realize that they are pawns in the Malverns’ latest gambit.

The question is, does this realization come too late? Will Rachel survive her dangerous impersonation of Evie, or suffer the same fate? Is this the end for the grifters?